Our Mission

To serve needy in Tampa Bay Area. Our goal is to provide free medical services, free or subsidized Radiological (X-ray, MRI etc.,), Lab and Medicine. All the services will be offered under the guidelines of State of Florida.

Medical Services

Our Medical Team of family doctors, pulmonary, gastroenterology, Nephrology, psychiatrists, urologists and many more specialists volunteer their time at the clinic as well as see patients in their respective offices.
X-rays, lab work and Pharmacy: What good is seeing a doctor if you cannot afford the lab work, x-rays and prescriptions? No worries. Our Clinic provides the same at heavily subsidized cost or at no cost.

Becoming a Patient

Patient will be only seen by appointment. Please call clinic number 813-999-4894 for appointment.
Please call the clinic to inquire about the type of financial documents and photo ID you will need to receive medical services.
We treat acute conditions such as colds, flu, infections as well as chronic conditions such as asthma, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, acid reflux, high cholesterol, ear, nose and throat problems, gastrointestinal problems, mental health, women's care and much more.


Medical and non-medical volunteers are the lifelines of our clinic.
We are deeply indebted to the existing volunteers. If you would like to volunteer at the clinic in a medical or a nonmedical capacity, please call our Founder, Mr. Kirit Shah at 727-455-6250.


Free Clinic of Tampa Bay does not make a payroll which means not a single person working at the clinic, including the Founder, receives any money for working at the clinic.
We do not receive any funds from the local, state or federal governments.
We run the clinic with the funds given by our neighbors and by holding one fundraiser every year.
if you wish to participate in providing medical care to our medically indigent patients, please call the Founder, Mr. Kirit Shah at 727-455-6250.
We will appreciate it and you will enjoy helping your neighbors.

About Us

As to why we started this Medical Clinic, the question we ask ourselves is "why did we wait for so long"? Medical sickness is a great equalizer, thus, our motto
There, but for the Grace of God, go I .
    Our Founders
  • Mr. Kirit Shah
  • Mrs. Mukti Shah
    • Board of Directors
  • Mr.Kirit Shah, Chairman
  • Mrs. Mukti Shah
  • Mr. Naresh Jain
  • Dr Ashok Modh
  • Dr Dipak Shah
  • Dr Limba Pansara
  • Dr Meena Shah
  • Mr. Donald R Mandeville

  • Charitable, 501 (C3) Tax Exempt Organization - Tax ID 59-3628262
    Approved by The State of Florida operated under the guidelines of The State of Florida for patient eligibility